Nature trail hike near Llandudno, Cape Town

Right past Llandudno in Suikerbossie, (sugar bush from Afrikaans), there is a gorgeous trail, a little hidden gem. A parking lot is situated right at the base of the route making it ideal for convenience. You begin by climbing up a few natural stone stairs to get the blood flowing.

Cape town forest. Hiking in Cape Town. Llandudno. Hout Bay. Suikerbossie. Nature trail. What to do around cape town.The trail starts on a dirt track in the midst of tall skinny pine trees. Unexpectedly, the path then leads to a narrow but open trail with magnificent views of Hout Bay and the back of Table Mountain. All of a sudden you are transported from a silent and enchanting woodland, to a colorful and diverse fynbos forest. The surrounding vegetation seems to be made of the entire range of all possible shades of green and an uncountable number of different plant species, resulting in a luscious, vibrant and breathtaking landscape. A true feast to the eyes. The trail continues like this for a while, passing through ravines that give off a certain jungle vibe- the abundance of monkey vines and the loud sound of crickets and birds chirping away, until it finally makes its way back to the starting point.

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The trail branches out all along the way providing many different options for each and every level of fitness or interest. We chose to follow this stunning open path till it met up with the nearby estate and then took the same way back. We were stunned by the views once again, as coming back in the other direction with the sun slowly setting offered us a completely different experience of the trail we had just hiked.

All in all we adored this hike. It is very versatile and is easy to customize to every one’s likings and capabilities.


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And of course we ended the day with an icy cold beer and a refreshing swim at Hout Bay beach, which is also right around the corner.



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