Vibrant Van Hunks on Kloof Street

Van Hunks Table Mountain table cloth legendLocated on the vibrant Kloof Street in the City Bowl, “Van Hunks” is named after the Cape Town legend who, as the story goes, once challenged the Devil to a smoking competition and lost miserably to his opponent, creating the famous Table Mountain “table cloth”!

Table cloth on Table Mountain, Cape Town South Africa

The restaurant looks more like a pub from the outside with it’s sheltered deck and vibrant atmosphere, but it also has a nice restaurant serving all types of South African specialities and international food varying from Cape Malay bobotie and springbok shank, to delicious thin crusted pizzas, burgers and more! Additionally they also do a variety of vegetarian options!

Quick insider tip: I’ve heard their ribs are the best in town!

Van Hunks offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, but most importantly they offer specials for several days of the week! Delicious food at a bargain, how can you resist?

Well we sure as hell did not! We indulged in their Monday Pizza special where the pizzas are all priced at R40! What a bargain!

Now, we didn’t just love them because they were affordable, they were delicious! A thin base with very flavorful ingredients of your choice and my favorite part: a scrumptious and generous layer of very tasty cheese. Comfort Food Heaven.

Van Hunks Monday Pizza Special. Delicious food. Comfort food heaven. Cool ambience, nice serviceIn case you were curious, we went for a “Mexican” (mince, green pepper, fresh chili and onion), replacing green peppers with feta cheese; and a “Bacon” (bacon, mushrooms, onions and feta) and to get the best of both worlds, we shared half with each other as always.

After a long day we definitely felt like a cold beer as well. I decided to be a little adventurous that evening and tried the Van Hunks Pumpkin ale, sprinkled with cinnamon. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite although I don’t regret giving it a try, it definitely wasn’t bad, just a little too bitter or sour for my taste… Maybe I must mature my palate. It sure looked really fancy though!Van Hunks Monday Pizza Special. Delicious food. Comfort food heaven. Cool ambience, nice service



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