Decadent Delheim

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway not too far from home, if you’re searching for gourmet food bursting of flavor, If you’re a fanatic for fine wines, and if you’re an avid MTB cyclist keen for an accessible stop offering luxurious refreshments… You’ve come to the perfect place: you’ve come to Delheim.



Delheim wine estate in Stellenbosch offers premium quality wine and gourmet 5 star food.



Lunch at Delheim wine estate was absolutely ravishing.

The drive up to the estate is on a beautiful winding road through countless flowers, wedged in the Simons Berg mountains.

Upon entering Delheim, we were greeted with a bowl of freshly picked grapes from the harvest of the day and some cold water, a blessing in the middle of a hot South African summer.

Our first impression of the venue was that of a perfect mix between Jungle; mystical forest; luxury; professionalism; and at the same time, warmth and comfort… according to my limited descriptive vocabulary. The estate holds a beautiful restaurant with a cozy and luminous outdoor balcony, a tasting room with a rustic feel to it, a gorgeous and peaceful picnic area in a meadow surrounded by trees and, cherry on the top of this decadent cake, a couple guest lodges for those who never want to leave…. A.k.a. ME

Meandering through the different parts of the estate, the vinegar smell of fermenting wine filled the air as we slowly made our way to the restaurant.5 start, gourmet fine dining experience in the Cape Winelands. Stellenbosch is renowned for its wine and gourmet restaurants.

We oredered two mains which we split between us, as has become our habit in order to get the best of both worlds… The first dish was a smoked salmon salad with caper cream cheese and freshly squeezed lemon accompanied by a glass of their estate rose. Let us all take a moment to remember, or in your case, imagine how tasty this dish was… I will just tell you how tasty it was if you are having trouble imagining… It was the best smoked salmon salad I have ever tried in my entire time of existence on Earth! The harmony between the flavors…. The wine…. It was exquisite.
And, I might just be a smoked salmon fanatic…

Then we tried the Cape Malay chicken curry with coconut shavings and home mande sambals and blatjang (chutney in Afrikaans). Again, what a wonderful and scrumptious dish. Contrarily to many top end restaurants, Delheim’s food is not served in miniscule “pretentious” tiny portions where too much is happening in such a small area of your plate and where you feel yourself wondering “Where’s the rest??”. Do not fear, If you are hungry, you will be satisfied.5 start, gourmet fine dining experience in the Cape Winelands. Stellenbosch is renowned for its wine and gourmet restaurants. Delheim’s menu only had about 6 different mains including an ostrich dish and a springbok loin. It was a small menu but assurably a menu of great South African taste and amazing quality.

Additionaly, the food was reasonably priced for the quality of the culinary experience that we had.

As for the staff, they were extremely friendly and helpful and especially very organized, efficient and professional.

Unfortunately we had no time for dessert but sincerely wish we had… In a way it’s a positive because that only means one thing:

We will have to return! J


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