About us

Western Cape Floral Kingdom at its prime in Silvermine Nature Reserve after devastating fires.
Love at First Hike is a space of freedom that we created where we can share our passion for the outdoors, our thirst for adventure and the beauty of life as we perceive it daily.
So let me share a little bit about “us” and our story:

I first met Michael the first time I ever came to visit Cape Town (SA) with my family. We met on a bicycle tour in !Khwa ttu game reserve as he was, and still is, a tour guide for a Cape Town based tour guiding company. The connection between us was immediate and we were both extremely eager to explore what it could potentially become, despite the seemingly complicated situation we were in at the time. It was love at first sight kind of magic you usually see in movies and simply can’t ignore when it actually happens to you.
A few months later I bought a return ticket and flew back to Cape Town, and hence marked the true beginning of our amazing adventure together. Fast forward a couple months and now here we are: I moved to Cape Town and also joined the same tour guiding company as him. We’re now living together; spending our days immersed in the tourism industry; taking guests out for tours around the peninsula; and of course, going on our own outdoorsy adventures whenever we get the opportunity. We’re both free spirits, explorers at heart and passionately in love. That being said, I hope you enjoy sharing this little bit of our life with us through our blog. What can you expect? A story blog by a vigorous and enthusiastic couple, living their life in Cape Town to the fullest, experiencing its greatest beauty and enjoying its every moment.
I hope you enjoy!
With love, Emilie and Mike

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